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In the run-up to WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL Messe Berlin will publicise an overview of innovative products, systems and services. As an exhibitor you can submit texts and images introducing your new products.

The ’Innovations’ page can be found on the website of WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL. It is for journalistic use by the media and can also be used by trade visitors to make optimum preparations for their visit to the fair.

The following overview shows the innovations of WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2017:

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN
Tie-down rails with integrated LED lighting

Tie-down rails with integrated LED lighting

These new tie-down rails with integrated LED lights (illustration) which need very little energy ensure excellent illumination of the entire vehicle interior. Here, too, bott relies on the widely-used airline tie-down rails and thus on an open system architecture. The actual bott vario vehicle fittings are also mounted on the vehicle walls using rails with the popular airline profile. In this way, the exhibitor is able to integrate additional tie-down points into vehicle side-walls. When a van fitted with this system is later sold, the new owner can continue to use the tie-down rails even if the bott vario vehicle furniture is removed. The new case shelf system with fully-extendable drawers is not only suitable for secure storage of the bott system cases in bott-vario interiors, but also for cases by other manufacturers. One major advantage: the case is drawn out of the rack like a drawer, so the cover can be opened without the case being taken off the shelf board.

Bott GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Axel Theurer
Phone: +49-7971-251189

Flood Management

Flood Management
Leaflet on security of the drinking water supply

Emergency potable water supply and enhanced risk analysis method

In accordance with the Emergency Water Control Act, the Federal Government maintains more than 5,200 emergency potable-water wells in major cities and urban areas. At this year’s fair, the concept of these wells is explained using an emergency potable water supply model, in this case for the city of Cologne, as an example. The complete equipment for an autonomous emergency well that can be operated even after a total black-out is being shown as well. This includes a pump, generator set and manifold standpipe together with the required electrical and hydraulic connections. The exhibitor is also presenting a risk analysis method that has been adapted for public water supply systems and provides valuable assistance to providers in municipalities, helping them assess their vulnerability to untypical and extraordinary hazards. The development of emergency concepts and the planning of emergency-supply resources in the field of water supply is a further important topic addressed by this exhibitor.

Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe (BBK)
Hall 4.2, Booth 207

Contact: Wahid Samimy
Phone: +49 228 995501160

Sewage and waste water treatment

Sewage and waste water treatment
SUPER MODULE in use in a zero liquid-discharge project

Good antifouling characteristics and long service life

SUPER MODULE (illustration) is an industrial water filter with nanofiltration and a reverse-osmosis membrane. It has a powerful antifouling effect, operating at high pressures of up to 160 bar, and boasts a long service life of more than three years. This filter is normally used for treating landfill leachate and gas and oil field liquids, as well as for zero liquid-discharge and other problematic waste-water applications. “Disc MBR” is the name of the third-generation membrane bioreactor using a soft-disc type membrane sheet, which offers a number of advantages over hollow-fibre or flat sheet membranes. These include lower costs, good effluent quality, anti-fouling properties and a long service life. Some typical uses of Disc MBRs are municipal and industrial waste water treatment as well as river-basin management.

Chengdu Meifute Membrance Technology

Contact: Jingling Li
Phone: +86 13551368713

IT services

IT services
Surface flood discharge resulting from groundwater flows

Detailed analysis of impact on groundwater

At WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2017, the DHI WASY group will be presenting its newly-developed interfacing of FEFLOW groundwater simulation software with the MIKE21 hydrodynamics model. Using this coupling approach, the effects of various measures such as planned re-naturation (restoring river meanders) or structural changes (e. g. weirs and bridges) on groundwater can be analysed in detail (illustration). In addition, the results of integrated models of 3D ground-water flow processes and 2D hydrodynamic processes can be used as a basis for planning flood-protection measures. Exhibition visitors are able to acquire first insights into this technology and will have the opportunity to discuss their current projects and innovative solutions for hydrodynamic applications with the exhibition stand’s team.


Contact: Christian Pohl
Phone: +49 30 679998707

Flood Management

Flood Management
The DMC system prevents dam failures.

Around the clock information on levee stability

At WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2017, Landindustrie Sneek will be presenting the DMC system for active dike and levee monitoring and the prevention of dike failures. The dike control and monitoring system supplies information on the stability of dikes and levees (illustration) 24 hours a day. Impending failure mechanisms such as macro or micro-instability and piping can be prevented by DMC lowering the water pressures on the respective dams or levees. The system’s main advantages are cost reduction in dike management and simple and quick installation without interfering with the surroundings. The DMC system was awarded the Water Innovation Prize in 2012 on the basis of criteria such as quality, innovativeness, sustainability and ease of application, This new system has already been implemented in many significant projects, e. g. as a full-scale trial in IJdijk, in primary seawalls at Colijnplaat and Ommelanderzeedijk and in a river levee at Veessen.

Hall 4.2, Booth 125

Contact: Henk Wiering
Phone: +31 515 486875

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN
INFRATOP R78 PKS manhole / riser cover

Backflow prevention thanks to secure connection between frame and cone

Many towns are affected by flooding. When water overflows from underground drains, it can lift off manhole covers which, in extreme cases, may come to rest next to the manholes instead of on top of them. This poses a great danger to traffic and pedestrians alike. INFRATOP R78 PKS (illustration) with a flange frame offers a solution for towns which are regularly subject to flooding. This is a regular riser or shaft cover, except that the frame can be connected to the riser cone, ensuring secure and reliable connection of the frame to the cone. Nothing changes for the exhibitor’s customers with regard to handling, since the covers are the same as all other in the INFRATOP series, except that they can withstand a pressure of at least 0.5 bar. INFRATOP covers can be supplied with various frames: SELFLEVEL frames for asphalt paving as well as standard frames, stone paving frames and flange frames. Apart from standard cast iron parts, the manufacturers also offers versions made of galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium and composite materials.

EJ Deutschland GmbH

Contact: Amaury Sorin
Phone: +49 170 8136626

Quality assurance/ Science/ Research

Quality assurance/ Science/ Research
ETV – success thanks to credibility

Verification service for new water treatment technologies

Environmental technology verification (ETV) of new water technologies is a new service being offered by this exhibitor as part of an EU Pilot Programme (EU ETV). This institute, located in Katowice, is offering a credible and scientifically sound method of proving that innovative water technologies meet the specified performance requirements, thus allowing successful marketing of these technologies. The institute’s staff can validate the claimed innovative, unique features of a technology under inspection. This can improve market opportunities, in particular if the method’s performance is better than relevant regulations or standards require. The ETV test requirements applied by the exhibitor are registered and published by the European Commission. As these are recognised not only in the EU but also worldwide, they can help the technology penetrate new markets by demonstrating how it compares with competitors’ products.

Environmental Technologies Verification Body – Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas

Contact: Izabela Ratman-Klosinska
Phone: +48 32 2546031

Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis systems

Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis systems
Tracerjet gas tracing method

Locate pipeline water leaks accurately without shutting down operations

The “Tracerject” tracer gas method (illustration) works even with plastic pipes as well as with extremely long and large diameter pipes. The method involves injecting an authority-approved, detectable gas containing approx. 5 % hydrogen into the network section that is to be inspected.

The proportion of injected gas depends on the current water pressure and is between 5 and 8 % of the water flow rate. This amount is easily soluble in water and causes no problems in ongoing water distribution operation. Even if the leak is at the most inconvenient point, namely the lowest point of the pipeline, the water-gas mixture will still leak there. After leaving the pipe, the gas separates from the water due to pressure reduction, just as in a carbonated-water bottle when opened. To detect the gas and therefore the leak, the ground surface is subjected to vacuum inspection using a light-weight mobile vacuum probe. A high-sensitivity hydrogen detector samples the vacuumed gas and shows the exact location of the leakage.

Esders GmbH

Contact: Carsten Hinnah
Phone: +49 251 62556120

Water distribution

Water distribution
Rehabilitation of tank 2 of the elevated water reservoir in Hewingsen

Delivery and removal of construction material through a window

Rehabilitation of drinking-water storage tanks is one of Fritz Wiedemann & Sohn GmbH’s specialist fields. The company’s most recent project: rehabilitation of tank 2 of the elevated reservoir in Hewingsen/Möhnesee (illustration). This more than 60 year-old structure had started to show signs of age and required extensive state-of-the-art rehabilitation. The damaged lining of the water tank, which holds 4,500 m³, was removed completely and the underlying surface was covered using pure mineral mortar with micro-silica additives - blue on the walls and white on the ceiling. The highly-qualified personnel working on the rehabilitation measures found themselves faced with a serious logistic challenge: materials, equipment and rubble had to be transported to and from the tank through a window 4.5 m above ground level. After 9 months of work, tank 2 was put back into service at the beginning of 2016 and has been supplying fresh potable water to the area's inhabitants ever since.

Fritz Wiedemann & Sohn GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 102

Contact: Helen Tschujew
Phone: +49 611 790812

Energy efficiency / regulating and analysis technology + IT services

Energy efficiency / regulating and analysis technology + IT services
Fluid-flow simulation (on the left) and mounting of collectors in the RPS

Monitoring of water components

The RPS® tubular diffusive sampler (illustration) allows the use of collector materials for monitoring the components of water taken from a controlled sample flow. In the RPS®, the fluid dynamics of the sampling process using diffusive samplers are optimised and the process is calibrated in advance. This results in distinctly improved sensitivity and reproducibility of measurements from ground-water sampling stations, wells, pipeline networks or surface water. The cumulative sampling results allow the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data on water components. Deployment of an RPS® can also replace complex sampling for a momentary determination of water quality in the case of trace element concentrations or sporadic contamination. The “GCI-MW” web application being shown at the exhibition stand is a tool that allows users to evaluate water analysis results in aggregated form for any desired periods, check them for limit values and document everything in the form of a report – all with a few simple mouse-clicks.

GCI GmbH Grundwasser Consulting Ingenieurgesellschaft
Germany-Königs Wusterhausen
Hall 1.2, Booth 102d

Contact: Jörg-Helge Hein (RPS®) / Felix Möhler (GCI-MW)
Phone: +49 3375 294785 /

Water distribution

Water distribution
LDA-S, battery-powered gate valve wrench

Peak performance throughout the entire service lifetime

The LDA-S, LDE-S and LEW-S torque wrenches by Gedore Torque Solutions are available with either electric mains power or battery power and have no wear-susceptible friction clutch. Electronically-controlled step-free torque setting and a gentle motor start prevent the gate valve spindle from being twisting off by sudden jerky motions. In addition, there is a smooth electronic shut-down in order to prevent excessive torqueing, and robust planetary gearing ensures a very long service life and high break-away torques. The battery-powered torque wrench LDA-S (illustration) achieves a huge break-away torque of up to 900 Nm. Other versions with 500 Nm and 700 Nm are also available, depending on the drive type. This tried-and-proven technology allows users to work at any location, at any time and for as long as is required. The exhibitor uses lithium-ion accumulator batteries in his products, meaning that peak performance is always achieved without any speed or torque reductions.

GEDORE Torque Solutions GmbH
Germany-Vaihingen an der Enz
Hall 4.2, Booth 115

Contact: Andrea Bertele
Phone: +49 7042 944123

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN
Geonex drilling system

Geonex drilling system to be launched on the central European market in 2017

The first Geonex drilling equipment to be set up in central Europe is scheduled for 2017. The machinery will be available either for rental or in cooperation with a special company, allowing fast mobility of deployment. This drilling technology allows users to complete difficult drilling projects in hard rock and/or mixed ground conditions for diameters ranging from 140 to 813 mm and lengths of up to 100 m, while fully meeting time deadlines, costs and quality requirements. In November 2016, the Geonex drilling system (illustration) was deployed in the alpine area for the first time ever in Zermatt (Switzerland) and helped in making this difficult project a success. The system comprises a combination of drill head and ring bits powered by a pneumatic in-hole hammer and rotary drive. The protective steel tubing is pulled along by the hammer and auger conveyors move the spoil out of the drilled hole. The system requires neither a levelled starting trench nor a target trench.

Geonex Oy

Contact: Kimmo Juvani
Phone: +358 400 693143

Water Treatment

Water Treatment
MINIMESH RPD HIFLO-S high-performance filter fabric.

Three-dimensional pore geometry

MINIMESH® RPD HIFLO-S opens up new dimensions in filtration, as the exhibitor points out. A new weaving technology developed by Haver & Boecker creates pores with a three-dimensional geometry (illustration). RPD HIFLO-S has characteristics that make industrial filtration processes faster, safer and more efficient. The pore size can be precisely defined before production. Such “precision pores” help to achieve very high separation precision and good shape stability. The pore sizes can be calibrated within a range of 5 µm to 40 mm, as required, within one single production lot. The main qualities of this newly-developed high-performance filter cloth made of woven wire fabric include a flow that is double that of comparable cloths of the same pore size, excellent separation precision and stability, corrosion and temperature resistance of the special materials used, along with ideal contamination retention and purging characteristics.

Haver & Boecker Drahtweberei

Phone: +49 2522 30644

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN
AVNS 350 XB being operated in conjunction with the E-Power Pipe method

Tunnelling technology for small diameters and long sections

With the development of its new AVNS machine technology, Herrenknecht AG now supplies the long-awaited tunnelling technology that is able to combine longer sections and smaller diameters. The first AVNS 350 XB has been successfully built and tested. It creates a tunnel bore diameter of 505 mm and is designed for sections exceeding 1000 m. The most outstanding innovative feature is a new power supply system in the machine and integration of a jet pump used as a discharge pump. In pipe jacking for diameters of 250 mm and over, sections of more than 1000 m can be bored using AVNS technology, depending on the site geology. Also, pipeline diameters of 18 - 30 inches can be handled by applying the Direct Pipe ® method in conjunction with AVNS. In a pilot project starting in February 2017, the machine will be used in conjunction with the E-Power Pipe method (illustration) to lay conduit pipes for underground power cables.

Herrenknecht AG

Contact: Dr. Marc Peters
Phone: +49 151 16346356

Wastewater treatment / technology

Wastewater treatment / technology
ALPHAMETER system for measuring exuded gases

High-efficiency aeration control

At WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2017, INVENT will be presenting the Alphameter, a device for energy-efficient control of oxygen-injection into an aeration tank, along with the “THINK Fluid Dynamix” service, providing fluid-dynamic simulations for water and waste-water treatment plants. The ALPHAMETER system for measuring exuded gases (illustration) is used for continuous monitoring of the current oxygen consumption rate of the activated sludge in one or two tank zones, with an off-gas collection hood floating on each of the zones. Direct determination of the current air requirements of the biological processes allows a novel, highly-efficient method of controlling of the aeration system. THINK Fluid Dynamix specialises in the application of numerical methods such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD). With the aid of its high-resolution, realistic flow simulations, THINK Fluid Dynamix can already reliably calculate all relevant process parameters of the water and waste-water treatment systems during the development phase.

INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG
Hall 3.2, Booth 102

Contact: Anke Eisemann
Phone: +49 9131 6909849

Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis systems

Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis systems
MTA Pipe-Inspector

Wireless video inspection of pipelines and integrated leak location

The MTA Pipe-Inspector® enables seamless visual and acoustic inspection of all kinds of transport pipelines during on-going operation. It uses a wireless method, making the seamless optical inspection of pipeline sections of up to 50 km possible for the first time ever. The MTA Pipe-Inspector, which is battery-powered, travels in the media stream being transported by the pipeline and can go around right-angled bends. It can be used in pipe diameters ranging from DN 100 to DN 3000. MTA Pipe-Inspector can also be used for locating leaks in non-metallic pipelines. Leak noises are recorded at the location where they are generated, i. e. directly at the leak, irrespective of the pipe diameter and material. The MTA Pipe-Inspector can also be used to locate high points and air trapped in the pipeline. Its applications typically include waste-water, fresh-water, hydroelectric and industrial pipeline inspection.

MTA Messtechnik GmbH
Austria-St.Veit/ Glan
Hall 3.2b, Booth 410

Contact: Sylvia Petschnig
Phone: +43 4212 7149115

Construction services / NO DIG

Construction services / NO DIG
Rock drilling rig

Rock drilling rig with “on board” pump

Prime Drilling’s rock drilling rigs (illustration) of the 400 to 1,500 kN pull-force category are powerful machines in which a water-cooled diesel engine powers all driving, tooling and drilling functions. Both feed and pull-back of the hydraulically-powered rotary head bit are driven by a rack and pinion (R&P) system which enables careful control, meaning that these HDD rigs can be used for drilling in the most difficult geological formations. This manufacturer’s rock drilling rigs can be equipped with a fully-automatic drill pipe magazine or with a semi-automatic drill pipe delivery system. The “on-board” pump is a special feature of these compact rigs, saving space and providing flexibility both during transportation and on-site. Prime Drilling, as the exhibitor points out, is the only manufacturer for whose products any known location system can be used with a double stand.

Hall 1.2, Booth 211

Contact: Amir Mahmood
Phone: +49 2762 9309625

Water Treatment

Water Treatment
Akdolit® MnFS filter material used in the Hennesee waterworks of Hochsauerlandwasser GmbH

Short running-in times and reliable manganese removal

Water resources containing dissolved iron and manganese compounds are increasingly being used for potable water supplies. In line with this development, the demand for special de-manganisation filters is on the increase. Up to now, failure to trigger off the manganese removal process during the start-up phase, making the addition of oxidizing agent absolutely essential, was more than a rare occurrence and it was this situation that led to the development of “Akdolit® MnFS”. The product does not require a running-in period and in water with pH values of around 0.7 ensures reliable manganese removal, also in conjunction with iron removal, without additional process initiation. Akdolit® MnFS is a grainy filter material based on manganese dioxide and a silicate compound that meets all the requirements of relevant standards. The biological catalytic oxidation of manganese and iron occurs directly on the MnO2 grains.

Rheinkalk GmbH Werk Akdolit

Contact: Uwe Fischer
Phone: +49 2058 172567

IT services

IT services
Software GW-Base 9 and GW-Web 9

Manage, evaluate and publish water data

The new GW-Base 9 software (illustration) is able to capture and manage all data involved in the operation of water monitoring projects, for example water table levels, withdrawal, discharge, analysis, geological and climate data and data on the measurement station structure. A comprehensive set of data management, project planning, evaluation, cartography and reporting as well as document management functions allow users to handle a wide variety of projects, irrespective of whether these refer to an industrial facility, ground-water rehabilitation or a landfill site. The new GW-Web 9 (illustration) version can be used to publish all GW-Base managed data on the Internet. This allows users to exchange data online with their partners, to inform specific user groups or to provide selected information specifically for the general public. The system is conceived for a wide variety of application sectors ranging from universities, engineering companies and water supply utilities, right up to mining companies.

ribeka GmbH

Contact: David Balmert
Phone: +49 2222 990600

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN

Construction services / NO DIG BERLIN
Primus Line being drawn into a pipeline

Flexible trenchless system for pipeline rehabilitation

Primus Line® (illustration) is an unusual solution for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes used for various media, such as water, gas and oil. The process is based on a flexible Kevlar®-reinforced liner and specially-developed connection fittings. Customers benefit greatly from the large entry length of up to 2,500 m in one single section as well as from the ability to traverse bends of up to 45 degrees. Primus Line® is not bonded to the existing pipes and is self-supporting.

A free annular space remains between the Primus Line® and the existing piping. Small access pits, short rehabilitation times and a low environmental impact make Primus Line® the ideal technology for rehabilitating defective pipelines in sensitive environments. Developed by experienced engineers, this system is suitable for the most varied application requirements. It has already proven its value in a great number of projects.

Rädlinger primus line GmbH

Contact: Stephanie Zapf
Phone: +49 9971 4003100

Water distribution

Water distribution
SAERTEX-LINER H2O installation process

Economical and fast rehabilitation of potable-water pipelines

SAERTEX-LINER® H2O is a FRP liner cured using ultraviolet light and can be used for trenchless rehabilitation of potable-water pipelines of diameters between DN 200 and the current maximum DN 1000. This technology can presently be used to rehabilitate water pipeline sections of up to 320 m in length within no time, longer lengths may be possible in the future. All that is needed is a small access pit through which the FRP liner is pulled into the defective pipeline using a winch (illustration). The FRP liner is impregnated under closely controlled conditions in the company’s own ISO 9001 certified factory, ensuring consistently good quality. Tried and proven UV technology is used to cure the SAERTEX-LINER® H2O and all important parameters are documented digitally during the ongoing process. As a result, the entire production process is transparent and traceable at all times. Currently the system has been approved for use in Germany, Poland, USA, Russia, Brazil, along with many other countries.

SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 225i

Contact: Gabriele Droste
Phone: +49 2574 902400

Innovation Plaza - Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis technology

Detection of water contaminants at trace level concentrations

This exhibitor from Darmstadt in Germany manufactures high-sensitivity LC-MS/MS and high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) equipment for efficient routine water quality inspections. The “SCIEX X500R QTOF” now provides scientists with quick, dependable and easy-to-operate access to HRMS for detecting a wide variety of known and unknown water contaminants at trace-level concentrations. The compact X500R unit is equipped with the new SCIEX OS software and a highly intuitive user interface as well as methods, lists of compounds and verified MS/MS libraries. The outstanding feature of SCIEX QTRAP® systems such as the latest 6500+ system is that they provide high-sensitivity LC-MS/MS for simultaneous quantification and detection of several types of compound in one single injection and with very little sample preparation. The system is able to analyse pesticides, cosmetics, pharmacological products and other suspected contamination in water samples.


Contact: Carmen Boxheimer
Phone: +49 6151 352005110

IT services

Development of new integrated solution models

After intensive preparation work, SIV AG has set up a separate water and wastewater management branch. The company’s objectives include the development of new, integrated solution models encompassing the entire water cycle, the creation of value-added chains of a totally new quality and the ability to consistently use valuable data across all system and organisational boundaries. In this project, the exhibitor can fall back on the bundled know-how of an entire industry. This includes, for instance, the system pricing model developed by water utility company Rheinisch-Westfälischen Wasserwerksgesellschaft mbH and Prof. Dr. Mark Oelmann of MOcons GmbH & Co. KG, a system that has meanwhile been successfully introduced in more than 20 tariff regions. This interesting procedure concept can circumvent the threatening price and cost spirals that result from reduced demand and demographic change, and can lead to changes in the water charges structure.


Contact: Dr. Anke Schäfer
Phone: +49 381 6665858

Water distribution

Water distribution
Seamless elbow with DVGW certification

Extremely resistant and complying with minimum wall thickness requirements

After many years of research, STAR is now the first and only manufacturer able to produce seamless elbows with DVGW certification (illustration) that conform to the minimum wall thickness specifications according to DIN EN 12201-3 and DIN EN 1555-3, have “ r = 1.5 x d ” dimensions and are able to withstand the severest of loads. Products with the DVGW mark ensure users that they have chosen high-quality items corresponding in all aspects to generally acknowledged rules and to the latest state of the art. Standards DIN EN 12201 and DIN EN 1555 specify quality standards for PE plastic tubing and pipe systems for gas and water distribution and pressurised drainage and waste-water pipelines. They cover all dimensions, weld lengths, tolerances and material properties. One of the specified parameters is the wall thickness of seamless elbows. The suffix "-3" indicates that not only the pipe corresponds to the said standards, but the entire fitting as well.

STAR Piping Systems GmbH

Contact: Constanze Gönnert
Phone: +49 281 9841461

Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis technology

Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis technology
AMI SAC254 monitoring unit

Monitoring water quality by means of UV absorption

With its AMI SAC254 (illustration), SWAN is offering an instrument for continuous measurement of UV absorption in order to monitor organic concentrations in potable water treatment. Monitoring of organic concentrations in the feed water makes it possible to show long-term changes and at the same time detect critical developments at an early stage. In this way, the severity of effects of unexpected water contamination, for example with agricultural herbicides or with organic traces of solvents from textiles and industrial waste can be decreased. The dynamic measurement method used by AMI SAC254 combines reliability with application-oriented operation in order to provide the measurement data required to safeguard water quality. Its low maintenance requirements and simple installation are direct results of the tried and proven device concept.

SWAN Analytische Instrumente GmbH
Hall 3.2

Contact: Leo Baumann
Phone: +41 44 9436300

Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis systems

Energy efficiency / measuring, control and analysis systems
Radar sensor VEGAPULS WL S 61 for the water and waste-water industry

Economical, easily integrated radar solution

Due to a wide range of installation options, VEGA’s new VEGAPULS WL S 61 (illustration) liquid-level sensor for the water and waste-water sectors offers an economical radar-based solution and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. Radar technology has many advantages and has proved to be a successful solution in many areas of application. Not only is it resistant to temperature changes, wind, fog and rain – it does not require signal propagation time compensation for temperature variations, either. Another major advantage is its measuring accuracy of +/ - 5 mm. A totally new feature is wireless operation via Bluetooth and smartphone, tablet or PC using PACTware and a Bluetooth USB adapter – making commissioning and diagnostics even easier. In using this new device, clients benefit from the exhibitor's many years of experience. Almost 40,000 radar sensors are already in use in the water and waste-water industry all around the globe.

VEGA Grieshaber KG

Contact: Nadine Deck
Phone: +49 7836 50415

Water extraction and water distribution

Water extraction and water distribution
EWE FLEXORIPP underground water-meter installation box

Cut-to-length installation box with high stability

EWE-Armaturen is presenting a new water-meter installation box at WATER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2017. This company, with headquarters in Brunswick (Braunschweig), Germany, has been marketing shafts and installation boxes of this kind since 1977 and its first proprietary development was launched in 1993. The company’s 40-plus years of experience in designing and marketing in this sector is now benefitting the fourth generation of the EWE underground water-meter box. The fact that the integral box can be cut to length, the great stability of the carcase thanks to innovative rib technology and the possibility of exchanging and retrofitting all interior components - which are all lead free - are innovative highlights in water-meter installation box design. A further special feature is adaptability of the box’s load-bearing capability thanks to the various cover options. As its predecessor models, the new “FLEXORIPP” underground water-meter installation box is available for water-meter models Qn 2,5 and Qn 6 or the corresponding designs in accordance with MID.


Contact: Romy Töpfer
Phone: 49 531 3700550

Flood Management

Flood Management
xpSwmm modelling software

Designing sustainable and nature-compatible drainage solutions

At WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2017, XP solutions will be presenting the new tools and functions of its product portfolio. As the exhibitor points out, XP Solutions is one of the world’s leading software suppliers for drainage system solutions and flood models, with offices in Europe, Australia, South-East Asia and the USA. These software models are used for planning, design, simulation and modelling purposes. It is important to understand how precipitation water drains away and what then happens in drainage systems and natural bodies of water as well as on the ground surface. The combination of all these phenomena can be simulated as 1D/2D analyses in xpSwmm. The company is also pleased to present its new development, xpDrainage2017, an innovative tool for designing sustainable and near nature drainage solutions, in which all work steps and calculations can be carried out via a user interface with CAD integration.

XP Solutions Software Ltd
Great Britain-Newbury

Contact: Christian Becker
Phone: +44 1635 582555